IQF products


Caseificio Principe produces IQF buffalo mozzarella in different sizes and shapes so as to meet the diversification in demand.
Depending on the use we provide:

  • 100 g bag with one piece immersed in its own liquid, excellent for use in cold dishes and great for hot food;
  • 500 g bag (25 pieces 20 g each), not immersed in liquid, excellent to be used for hot dishes, as a topping for pizza, and tasteful in the cold ones, like salads and side dishes;
  • diced/julienned buffalo mozzarella bag, excellent for pizza and pasta, great for salads;
  • buffalo cheese curds in big bags, semi-processed product that can be handled again to obtain the finished product.

The size and shape variety can change to fit consumer’s needs. For more information about our products, please click here.