The IQF project


An innovative technology.

We use modern technology IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) to give the opportunity to the whole world to taste our Campania excellence.
The IQF mozzarella is fully produced in our factory (therefore with a single production in the processing departments).
The step of freezing (IQF) occurs immediately after the cooling and brining of mozzarella. The process is performed with a fully automated processing line. The core of the line is a liquid nitrogen cryogenic tunnel, in which the mozzarella is brought in a few minutes at -20 ┬░ C.

IQF tears down borders.

Our product, thanks to the IQF technology, goes anywhere in the world in a short time. The continuous cold storage guarantees the integrity of product.
Storage times increase considerably, leaving however unaltered the characteristics and quality of the product.
We have a single manufacturer, a single chain, less movement in the finished product.
Result: greater food safety.