Campania Buffalo Mozzarella

The trademark “Campania Buffalo Mozzarella” acknowledged by the Ministry of Agricultural Policies protects, supervises, promotes and enhances the peculiar characteristics and typicality of the dairy product called “mozzarella”.


The PDO trademark is an acronym by which the European Union legally acknowledges and protects certain foods whose typical qualitative characteristics depend substantially and exclusively on the territory in which they were produced.


The BRC certification determines the requirements for the production of safe food and the principles for product quality management in order to protect and fully satisfy the expectations of customers and consumers.


The Halal certification attests that the products derived from supply chains of different sectors are in compliance with the ethical and sanitary standards of the law and the culture of Islam, therefore marketable in all countries of Islamic religion.


The Kiwa certification regulates and controls a wide variety of sectors, guaranteeing the quality standard and safety requirements defined by national or international standards.


The Version 6 IFS FOOD standard regulates food safety, the quality of production processes and products. It guarantees the respect of the obligations established by the current legislation for the protection of consumers.