for more than fifty years

For over 50 years we have been thinking that what we do makes us the luckiest people in the world: we produce one of the most precious Italian culinary delights in the world, PDO buffalo mozzarella from Campania!

Since the time of our grandfather Buonanno, we have respected and pursued a work philosophy linked to craftsmanship and wholesome milk: what sets us apart is our approach, the way we treat raw materials in order to offer the best product ever to whomever may want to choose us.

Over time we have expanded our dairy production by venturing abroad as well and exporting all over the world. Through the mechanization of manufacturing processes, which today support the preserved hand-made technique with natural whey grafting, and thanks to modern production devices, we are able to guarantee the same quality and freshness of the mozzarella produced on site even to our farthest away customers.

Our Buffalo milk comes from rigorously and constantly controlled farms to ensure a healthy product with a unique flavor. Our production chain is carefully attended to from the origin of milk until its transformation, and it manages to create a circle of trust and appreciation among our collaborators, suppliers and customers, satisfying everyone’s expectations: therefore, the fundamental message that we as The Principe Dairy Company express is based on customer focus, commitment, respect for one’s own history and work. These are our parameters that seal and fulfill every expectation.

Transformation, processing and control are carried out in compliance with all health and hygiene regulations, supervised by a production manager who makes sure that every phase is carried out at its highest industry standards. Furthermore, our technologist guarantees a quality control ensuring the wholesomeness of our product. We leave nothing to chance: everything is constantly monitored and measured. Everything is accomplished impeccably so that everyone can taste the  PDO buffalo mozzarella from Campania, one of the most natural and genuine products that the tradition of our territory has to offer.

Our beloved buffalo mozzarella has been fully and thoroughly acknowledged as part of the Mediterranean diet, since it is low in cholesterol and rich in calcium and other important nutrients for health. So, all you can do now is try it!


The quality of our PDO Campania buffalo mozzarella is guaranteed by a manufacturing process stemming from a traditional passion that always looks to new technologies and innovations.

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Milk coagulation is preceded by the addition of natural whey (also known as “cizza”), obtained by letting the whey from the previous day spontaneously acidify, which is heated up to 36°C roughly and supplemented with some natural rennet.

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Rennet is a mixture that coagulates the casein particles suspended in the liquid which form a pasty mass in falling to the bottom called curd. Intake and coagulation generally occur within an hour from the first phase. The curd is broken with a curd knife or a steel cutter and is pushed and stirred until we obtain caseous lumps of 3/6 cm in size.

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After being broken down with extreme care, the curd is left to mature under some whey. Approximately 60% of the whey is extracted from the coagulation boiler and the overall temperature of the mass itself is kept constant, around 38° C.

This is that particular stage of the processing which has the greatest impact on the consistency of the finished product and on the processing yield. In this handmade processing cycle, maturation lasts 4/5 hours on average. Experience and technology have given the dairyman the exact measure of maturation within which this sort of paste needs to be spun with water at about 95°C.

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La Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP
del Caseificio Principe viene prodotta
SOLO nello storico stabilimento
a QUALIANO, dal 1965!

La Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP del Caseificio Principe
viene prodotta SOLO nello storico stabilimento a QUALIANO, dal 1965!